Madinah, City of Dates


The city Madina is famous for its dates and not only Madinah but our whole country as well. Saudi Arabia is the second largest producer of dates in the world and we have almost 70% of all the date palms in the world on our land. When you are for a weekend in Madinah, we recommend you to visit one of the date markets.


The famous central date market of Madinah is called Souq Al Tumor. It already exists many years and is always busy. It has become a major attraction with foreigners as dates from Madinah are famous worldwide.
date_market_of_madinahOn the market are about 150 different varieties of dates being sold. All the dates on the market have the finest quality and a supreme taste. You can even find for sale here one of the most expensive dates in the world, the Anbara-
The Madinah date market is located a few minutes walking distance from Masjid-e-Nabawi (The Prophets Mosque) very near to the Signature Dar Al Taqwa Hotel. 
When you stay at our hotel you should consider going to the market because it is certainly worth a visit when you want to see the real Arab culture.

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