Scuba Diving in Jeddah

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The Red Sea owes its name to its beautiful red corals. Jeddah offers some of the best scuba diving sites in Saudi Arabia. The narrow and rocky beaches lead straight into a beautiful underwater world, which also make it ideal for snorkeling during your stay at a Red Sea Beach Resort.

Many of the beaches of Jeddah still have been able to preserve aquatic life and coral reefs which are a must see. Either by scuba diving or snorkeling, the impressive underwater flora and fauna is easily accessible. A paradise for scuba divers, the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf at Jeddah offers spectacular visibility, especially with the late afternoon light, beautiful coral reefs, and some interesting wreck sites.


You can also take a cruise to the Farasan Banks to the south or Yanbu and Ummludjje to the north. With only a few boats going to these reefs you can enjoy unspoiled nature at its most beautiful. There are a wide variety of virgin reefs with spectacular size, and there are numerous species of fish,. A cruise to one of these beautiful sites it truly a great idea for a long weekend or extended diving trip.

There are many Dive Shops in Jedday where you can rent gear. Most have certified instructors recognized by RSTC (PADI, PDIC, NAUI, etc) or the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC). So weather you are an advanced diver or would like to take scuba diving classes, Jeddah is number 1 diving location in Saudi Arabia. 

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