Shopping in Madinah

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Shopping in MadinahDid you know that by some Madinah is considered the largest shopping paradise of Saudi Arabia? Yes the city of the Prophet has more to offer then it’s beautiful mosques. Let´s have a look at these shopping malls, boutiques and markets that makes a weekend break to Madinah so worthwhile.

For the real shopping fans there are the giant malls. You can spend the entire day in such mega malls; they offer everything you had could wish for. And of course they respect local prayer times, 5 times a day all business activities and markets are closed during prayer. Besides a wide variety of shops, these malls also include food-courts, restaurants, coffee-shops and many other facilities.

Al Rashid Mega Mall  MadinahOne of the biggest shopping malls in Madinah is the Al-Rashid Mega Mall. It includes more than 300 shops, hypermarkets, integrated amusement like a giant ship in the mall, an ice-skating rink, bowling and billiards, fountains, and large food courts. It has many international stores such as Diesel, Hugo Boss and United Colors of Benetton.

Al Hasan Mall was one of the first modernized shopping malls of Saudi Arabia. It is recognized for its unique panoramic design and the location it lies on. Al Hasan Mall has a variety of international brands, restaurants corners, fashion boutiques and a playing area for families and their children.

shopping in_madinahWhen you prefer roaming the streets in search of unique items, you should explore the centre of Madinah. It is full of little shops, markets and boutiques. Especially the area around the Prophet’s Mosque is a great adventure, with its old picturesque streets and alleys.  Besides the latest fashion, you can find here the most popular souvenirs from Madinah, like the exotic non-alcoholic perfumes, prayer mats and magnets/pictures of the mosques. Another big part of the city´s attraction are the street vendors. They sell almost everything, affordable and high quality goods for inexpensive prices.

The city is further known for its real Arabian dates markets a major attraction for tourists and the average market has about 100 different varieties of dates.  The biggest date market of Madinah is very close to the Prophet mosque.

Enjoy shopping while on a break in Madinah, we have a lot to offer from the lovely streets in the old center to the giant shopping malls.


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